The SaveBellandur Action Plan is a Solution Set which lays down a Mechanism to Save and Rejuvenate Bellandur Lake with Practical and Viable Actions over a Reasonable Timeline.
Eyebrows have been Immediately Raised after MHRD Minister Smriti Irani Released the ‘India Rankings 2016’ on 4th April. What do you feel?
A Program Like Free Basics by Facebook is not an absolute No-No. But, before that the Quality of Service needs to Improve, People Need to be Educated & an Inclusive Model of Deployment Developed
The Market Place Provider Can No Longer ‘Influence’ the pricing which Essentially means that the Era of Discounts might be now Over
A Survey of Over 600 Respondents Across India Was Done To Understand Their Perspective on Mobile Internet in India. Shocking Secrets Were Deciphered!
Permanent Roommates with an almost cult-like following is getting disappointing feedback in Season 2. Will Mikesh and Tanya make a comeback? What do you feel.
After a Lot of Controversy, Debates and Finger Pointing, They Meet Again Today. Who Will Win Today ...
At the very Outset I would like to Mention that I am not (Yet) a Successful Founder. If anything, I have just Started and Boy! It is a Ride!
Mike Tyson once said, Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face. Bill Gross added to this during a TED Conference saying that, I think thats so true about business as well. So much abou
Rs 22000 Crores ! Yes, you read it right. That was the estimated amount of money spent on this festival of Love last year, or should we say the Hallmark festival of Love.
They are Operating Illegally. They have to Obtain a Permit, a Stage Carriage Permit, but they won’t get it here because it’s the same area as the BMTC. Because of this they can’t Operate

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