We Deliver Karnataka Like No One Else

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We Deliver Karnataka Like No One Else

“Every day Deccan Herald touches the lives of the people of Karnataka. Today the daily shapes the opinions and directs their actions.”

Deccan Herald was born 54 years ago when the first edition hit the streets on June 16, 1948. The newspaper was a reflection of the optimism, and a voice of the aspirations of a newly independent nation.

Proud of its regional moorings and responsive to global changes, Deccan Herald is Karnataka's guide to the times we live in. Karnataka and Bangalore hold a special place in the newspaper's scheme of things, but its coverage of national and world happenings is equally comprehensive and analytical. Deccan Herald is also the voice of the poor and the underprivileged. On its agenda is a relentless campaign against corruption and advocacy of pro-environment economic development.


Karnataka with its rich cultural and historical legacy has always encouraged us to present content to our reader which is close to their heart. Covering a diverse set of genres from politics to sports to daily life to entertainment we ensure we always have something for everyone to read and enjoy. To continue that legacy here is a fun quiz to help you check your understanding of you state Karnataka.


Dream of A Visionary

Mr K N Guruswamy had a dream. The year was 1948 - The heady days just after the nation's independence. Mr. Guruswamy had dedicated his life to truth and impartiality and he would not rest till his vision took concrete form. The result was The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited and its publications - Deccan Herald, Prajavani, Sudha and Mayura - An institution that has completed 50 glorious years of chronicling the joys and sorrows of the people of Karnataka, India and the world.

Over the years, the group has not forgotten what provides value to readers. Therefore, along with core competency, it satisfies the aesthetic needs of its readers with innovative layout and design in all its publications. Its well-designed publications achieve high communication impact by helping the reader cut through all the information clutter. The Group's strong identity is, therefore, the starting point, and not the residue, of any effort to win and keep readers.

While cementing its traditional strengths, the Group is also geared to face new challenges and enhance emotional contact with its readers. In order to connect with our readers well, we would love to understand what you would want to read more on Deccan Herald. Please spare a couple of minutes to let us know by voting on the poll below –


As the Group believes that 'change is the only constant', it treats critical thinking as a dynamic process and keeps pace with the rapid change in the newspaper and magazine publishing industry.

Thanking you for your belief on us as your trusted news brand. We promise to delight you in the future as well.

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