Walking at least 30 minutes a day is suggested for a healthy living. Almost 50% people say that they walk 20 - 30 Minutes everyday. Do you?


Among the innumerable entertaining test innings the 309 Against Pakistan at Multan is rated the best by people


Within the busy city traffic, among the emerging OLAs & UBERs, Autorikshaws, 48% people would still prefer using a Metro Train for daily travelling


In the Smartphone Chat App War a Whooping 84% Users prefer Whatsapp over Skype, Viber & FB Messenger In the Smartphone Chat App War a Whooping 85% Users prefer Whatsapp over Skype, Viber & FB Messenger


Leaders Lead By Example. An Amazingly High 75% People Feel Narendra Modi is the best leader among Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandi & Arvind Kejriwal


As the Indian Metropolitan Cities are getting too overcrowded to commute easily, 48% Say they would prefer Metro Rails aginst Other Means


Among Salman, Aamir & Shahrukh, the 3 Khan Pillars of Indian Cinema, 48% Say SRK is the Best


Despite Technology Making our Lives Easier 71% People Feel that Technology is Ruining our Health


Europe is Beautiful. 77% Visitors Would Definitely Visit the Photogenic Germany and Switzerland


Though considered very much alike, 43% People feel that Infosys is better than TCS


Chanel beats all the Other female perfume brands here. 43% would recommed it for Ladies over Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Bvlgari


In the war of social media websites, An Amazingly High 56% people say that Facebook is the Most Popular


Despite varying views on his captaincy from News & Print, A whopping 57% people feel that MAHI is the Greatest Indian Captain Ever


Stock Markets are Shaky, The Rupee is Unstable, Inflation High but Still 38% People Belive India will Surpass the Chinese Growth by 2020


YouTube planning a Paid version. But many don't like the thought of it. 58% feel that this is going to be bad for You and Me


On one hand Apple Announced Record iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Sales On the Other 80% People Feel that Android is the Best Platform

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